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RVWRMP Phase III-BhairabiRM


Rural Village Water Resources Management Project,Phase III

Bhairabi Rural Municipality

Bhairikalikathum, Dailekh



Our mission is that everyone in the project area has clean drinking water and access to basic sanitation. We also work for improved livelihoods opportunities for the people living in the poorest areas of Bhairabi rural municipality, dailkeh, nepal.

The project places strong emphasis on supporting communities in the delivery of safe and sustainable drinking water services.In addition to supporting drinking water schemes, awareness raising on sanitation and hygiene issues is crucial in order to ensure the good quality of water.

Child friendly water tap 


Livelihoods Development in RVWRMP focuses on improved nutrition and food security in the communities, through extensive support to home-garden development and nutrition awareness campaigns. Furthermore, if the project identifies locations with high potential for use of water supply for irrigation or better market and credit access, advanced livelihood support is provided.

Green economy is promoted and climate change is mitigated through improved cooking stoves and improved water mills.

The project is based on Human Rights and focuses on Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Strategy. The goal is to increase women’s and disadvantaged groups’ (Dalits’ and Janajatis’) meaningful participation in natural resource management and access to project benefits and opportunities.

The project enhances the institutional capacity of the local, regional and national government agencies so that sustainability of the project will be ensured.


2075/76 Budget for Bhairabi rural municipality

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RVWRMP (ग्रामिण जलश्रोत व्यवस्थापन परियोजना) अन्तर्गत भैरवी गाउँपालिका,दैलेखमा आ‍.व. २०७५/७६काे चालु तथा पूजीगत तर्फकाे वार्षिक प्रगति प्रतिवेदन ।


Click here to Download Bhairabi rural municipality NPC report 2075/76




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